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Exploring Nyc Parks This Summer

Exploring NYC Parks this Summer

When you live in New York City, you understand once springtime rolls around the hot summer heat is not far behind. New York City summers are always brutal because, in the concrete jungle, where the sun beats down, you’re surrounded by a million people walking right on top of one another in such close quarters. […]

Top 6 Things to Do in NY This Summer

SummerStage: This is one of the biggest perks of living in New York City, and well worth the impossibly long lines. SummerStage is a free performing arts festival that brings artists such as Chairlift, Yo La Tengo, and PJ Harvey to Central Park’s outdoor amphitheater, as well as a number of smaller parks around the […]

Why Outdoor Movies Are Taking Over Nyc Summers, Avraham Glattman

Why Outdoor Movies Are Taking Over NYC Summers

It’s summer in New York City. And while temperatures are blazing (it’s been over 90s degrees all last week) with gripping humidity to match, the city is overjoyed by the presence of sunshine and the plethora of events that come with it. Along with boat cruises, concerts, and beach getaways, as I talked about in […]

Best Ideas For A Beach Getaway For New Yorkers

Best Ideas for a Beach Getaway for New Yorkers

If this week’s weather is any indicator, summer is well on its way, and we in New York couldn’t be any happier. Soon, we’ll be shedding off layers, having family picnics and finding ways to navigate Times Square without stepping on one another. Another reason to be excited is a chance to relax on the […]

3 Parks You Need to Check Out This Season

As the summer winds down and temperatures slowly but surely cool, New Yorkers all over the city are steadily adjusting to the new season. Summer in the city is truly a treat and one of the greatest parts about calling this place home. However, it can be too easy for tourists and residents alike to […]

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