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Avraham Glattman is a Real Estate professional in New York City. He brings years of experience working in New York City real estate. Over the years, Avraham has acquired properties across all five boroughs of New York City. Through his company, First American Properties Group, he currently owns residential and commercial properties in Queens, Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem, and Manhattan. First American Properties Group is one of the top in New York City; however, his Real Estate business is not his only accomplishment.


Avraham Glattman is a very active family man. With his lovely wife and three children. Avraham is always keeping busy. He and his family reside on Long Island.


After being born in Israel and having grown up there, Avraham Glattman served three years in the Israeli army before heading to America. In 1989 he decided to take a job in Brooklyn, New York for an Israeli newspaper where he spends one year. The newspaper wanted Avraham on their team so bad that they paid for him to travel to America from Israel.


While Avraham Glattman was working for the Israeli newspaper in Brooklyn, NY, he met New York native, Lisa, who soon became his wife. He fell in love with Lisa right away. This was when Avraham decided that he would remain living in New York permanently.


In Avraham Glattman’s spare time, he enjoys reading books, global politics and watching soccer. As he is a big Manchester fan, he saw the World Cup in Germany years ago. Avraham prides himself on being a family man. His family means the world to him. His success in Real Estate may come from his positive attitude that stems from his happy, meaningful and inspirational home life.

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