Living in New York City can be amazing. There’s so much to see and do, and it’s all right at your doorstep. However, sometimes you simply need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When you want to get away for a day, your choices are plentiful. Here are a few of our favorite relaxing day trips all within 50 miles of NYC to help you unwind. 

Fire Island
If you’re looking for an escape with an ocean view, Fire Island may be just the right place for you. Here you’re able to swim the day away on Watch Hill, Sailor’s Haven, Davis Park, or Atlantique. For those who enjoy communing with nature, Sunken Forest Preserve offers an elevated boardwalk where you can observe the rare ecosystem that exists there. 

Kent & Kent Falls State Park, CT
If it’s a country getaway you’re craving, the town of Kent, CT, is picture-perfect. You can visit Kent Falls State Park and walk along picturesque waterfalls. Kent Falls also offers opportunities for fishing and picnicking. During the fall, the foliage here is beyond beautiful and well worth the drive. 

The Adirondacks
Speaking of scenic drives, there’s much to see in the Adirondacks. From kayaking, camping, and hiking to wineries and breweries, the Adirondacks offer it all. A variety of wineries, distilleries, microbreweries, and cider makers call the Adirondacks home. And for the adventurous, a trip to the Adirondacks wouldn’t be complete without a walk across the treetops at Wild Walk. Recently opened, Wild Walk is a new way to experience nature from on high, and it’s accessible to individuals of all abilities and ages. 

Wave Hill
This gem can be found, perhaps surprisingly, in the Bronx. Wave Hill is a public garden where you can lose yourself in 28-acres of nature and completely forget you’re still in the city. The garden offers programs in Visual and Performing Arts as well as Woodland Management, Environmental Education, and Horticulture, all in an effort to help people connect with nature. 

If you’re looking to get away and reconnect with nature, these day trips provide ample opportunities to do just that. Sometimes all it takes to restore our sense of peace is a change in perspective and a fantastic location.