When people think of New York, images of the concrete jungle that is the Big Apple instantly come to mind. However, there is more to New York than just the Five Boroughs. New York is home to several prominent national parks that contain natural wonders, historical treasures, and cultural touchstones. The following national parks represent the best entertainment and recreational centers in New York and are fitting locations for travelers to plan their next big getaway.


Saratoga National Historical Park

Saratoga National Historical Park is the ideal spot for visitors looking to learn about history while still enjoying the great outdoors. Divided into four sections, the Saratoga Battlefield from the American Revolution makes up the largest portion of the park. Students of history will remember the Battle of Saratoga as the turning point of the Revolutionary War, where Continental soldiers under Horatio Gates defeated a British army led by General John Burgoyne. The major monument to those who died in the engagement, a stone obelisk called the Saratoga Monument, stands 155 feet tall and offers visitors an amazing view of the Hudson River Valley. Meanwhile, Victory Woods offers guests a tour through the 22 acres of the park that once comprised the British camp.


Storm King State Park

Travelers hoping to put on their hiking boots need look no further than Storm King State Park in Cornwall. Comprised of 1,900 acres, Storm King State Park gets its moniker from Storm King Mountain, a 1,300-foot behemoth that overlooks the Hudson River and Hudson Highlands. Since hiking trails at the park encompass over 10 miles in length, visitors of the park are advised to plan to stay for an entire day to enjoy the best experience. While the park is good for a visit at any time of the year, Storm King State Park is an especially good place to visit during the autumn months to take in all colors of the fall foliage.


Point au Roche State Park

Point au Roche State Park in Clinton County offers plenty of exciting activities for those interested in vacationing near the water. Situated on beautiful Lake Champlain, Point au Roche State Park offers miles of sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy. While boating and swimming are popular activities during the summer months, winter visitors have been known to participate in ice fishing and skating on the lake’s surface. Visitors looking to spend time on land can also hike the park’s many trails or visit the Nature Center to learn about the region’s wildlife and ecology.