Bolingbrook Soccer Club

Jason Lentz, volunteer board member, vice president and travel coach for the Bolingbrook Soccer Club was charged with multiple felonies for exchanging inappropriate text messages with minors on his team.

Jason Lentz, thirty-nine years old, served as a volunteer board member, vice president and travel coach for the Bolingbrook Soccer Club, according to Brian Stuchl, the club secretary.  However, according to an article recently completed by the Chicago Tribune, the police were informed on the twenty second of September that Lentz was engaging in inappropriate text messaging conversations with one or several of his team members.  A concerned mother discovered the messages and handed over authority on the text messaging account to the authorities.  During the month-long investigation that followed, the police observed Lentz’s attempts to solicit and meet the minor.  The child that Lentz believed he was conversing with was a meager thirteen years old.

As a result, Lentz has now been charged with multiple felonies through the sheriff’s office.  He was arrested  and charged specifically with indecent solicitation of a child, solicitation to meet a child and unlawful grooming, according to Will County Charles Pelkie, the state’s attorney’s office spokesman.  Stuchl chose to not disclose precisely how long Lentz had worked with the soccer club.  However, the club secretary did indicate that the previous coach was suspended indefinitely and would never return to coach the team again.

Lentz is now in jail, with his bond set at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.  Should he manage to post the bond, Lentz would be released on several contingencies.  He would have to surrender his passport as to prevent any chance of flight risks.  In addition, Lentz would not be allowed to have any contact with the soccer club or any minor under the age of eighteen.  Finally, Lentz would only be permitted the use of the Internet for work matters.  As of Monday, Lentz had failed to post bail and continues to remain incarcerated, according to the sheriff office’s website.