New York City is the heart of all things America and big city. It is the center of America’s melting pot and also is pumped full of excitement. With all of this excitement and culture pouring into one city, there are plenty of odd, quirky, and offbeat places to see and experience while in New York.  If you are looking for a hidden bar or a strange and unusual museum to explore, this is the essential list for weird NYC hot spots.


4 – House of Wax

Located in Brooklyn, this bar is full of weird anomalies that you have only seen in movies. As soon as you walk into the bar, death masks to skeletons fill the hallway. The theme of death goes beyond the decor, it infiltrates the cocktails as well. These cocktail names range from the Butcher of Hanover to the Lolita Nymph. If wax faces and creepy alcohol are up to your alleys, the museum of cocktails.


3 – The Last Word

If you want to experience a true speakeasy, The Last Word is a great bar to go to. The bar is hidden by the facade of a hardware store. Walk through the plumbing and hardware tools, you find yourself passing through red-velvet curtains and entering the roaring 1920’s. The decor is straight from the period from the walls to the chairs, allowing any customer to be transferred to this far-away decade. The drinks are as fancy as the venue. If you are looking for an experience and want to try some uncommon drinks, The Last Word is for you.


2 – New York Transit Museum tour

This tour is an insight into the true inner workings of the NYC transit system. The tour of the Old City Hall station is the one to take if you are a member of the museum. It takes you to the 1904 station, which was one of the first. It has chandeliers tiles, vaulted ceilings. The station is quite a contrast from the hustle and bustle of the stations in use today.


1 – Obscura

You may recognize this store from their popular television show on Discovery called Oddities. This location is for those who love to purchase and shop for oddities. It is a small store but worth the experience. It is somewhat of a mini-museum that you can purchase pieces from. Whether you enjoy taxidermy or history, this store has pieces from various decades.