New York City has a buffet of ritzy restaurants to choose from on any given night. Some restaurants are catered more towards the idea of a date, rather than a dining experience. These restaurants have the food and the environment to create the romantic evening for you and your date.

Birds & Bubbles ($$) – Manhattan

This restaurant serves two items: birds and bubbles. They have different types of chicken paired with amazing champagne. It is a place for a light-hearted meet-up in the early phases of getting to know one another. It is moderately priced which allows for a great spot for a first or second date. The menu is supported by other great platters including steak and shrimp. Whatever you and your date choose, it is a restaurant that will allow the both of you to have smooth conversation.


The River Cafe ($$$$) – Brooklyn

Nestled right under the Brooklyn bridge, this restaurant floats on a barge on the East River. Many use The River Cafe as a date night worthy of a marriage proposal. Yet, if you plan on a proposal, make sure you make a reservation and wear a nice jacket upon arrival. This upscale dining experience has one the best views of the city, as well. The mood is established by the man playing piano over your Scottish Salmon appetizer.


Uva ($$) – Upper East Side

Uva is an Italian restaurant that is perfect for the ideal date. You can always depend on Uva giving you everything you need from an evening with a wonderful date. The menu has a wide array of Italian that will give you multiple options and will have something for everyone. The food may not be groundbreaking but will satisfy your craving for Italian food well. It also has a great brunch menu as well if you need a place for a daytime date.


Le Coucou ($$$$) – Lower Manhattan

This upscale French restaurant is the picturesque vision of the New York City dining experience. Le Coucou is definitely an ideal anniversary of marriage date for a well-off couple. Most of the menu is filled with classic French cuisine that every food critic and magazine has been raving about. The atmosphere is quite open and painted white from top to bottom, giving a sense of brightness while dining.


Blue Hill ($$$$) – Greenwich Village

Blue Hill is easily a New York staple in the restaurant scene. The food is based around farmed food or rather food at a farm. Some of the select course items are the Stone Barns Berkshire Pig or Rabbi Bob’s Veal. It is a great place for an expensive date night, just ask Obama. Also, if you would like a trip out of the city, you can visit their other location in Terrytown, NY.