Many outsiders to the Big Apple are curious about the city lifestyle. Whether it be about living there or how to navigate the streets, tourists ask many questions about NYC. Many are easy, simple answers but they tend to be asked frequently. Where is Brooklyn? How do I use the subway? Where do I eat? Here is a breakdown of some of the most frequently asked questions from non-New Yorkers.


What Should I Wear?

Planning is key when wondering what to wear in the city. An easy rule of thumb would be to always bring a jacket. In the summer, shorts and t shirts are completely acceptable. But in the months before and after December, the weather can become bitter cold and windy. The weather can become so cold that it may hold you back from experiencing certain aspects of the city.


Will I Get Mugged?

Safety is always a concern, specifically at night, in any city. Television crime shows do not help with this stereotype. NYC is much safer than depicted in outdated news decades ago. Common sense to avoid criminal activity is still necessary. Crime has dramatically decreased since the 1990s.


How Do I Get Around?

The true question about transportation is how do I hail a taxi? It is a bit different with Uber now being used in major cities but taxis are still a major mode of transportation in NYC. When you hail a taxi, stand on the corner and raise your hand. Tell them the closest intersection of where you would like dropped off at. Once you are inside of the cabbie, tell them. Do not tell your driver your destination before getting in because they are not legally allowed to refuse a fare.


Where Do I Eat?

This is dependent on two factors of your budget and what type of food you are interested in eating. NYC has the best of any type of food from Italian to Asian cuisine. If you are looking for a location-specific restaurant, NYC Food Finder is a great resource for finding exactly what you want.


How and Where Should I Shop?

Shopping is also dependent on context. Some tourists come for the high-end shopping experience or for the knock-off street items. A great place to start would be The Shops at Columbus Circle. It is a great shopping center that gets your feet wet in the NYC shopping experience.