The city that never sleeps, New York City has a wealth of street festivals throughout the year. From outdoor concerts to beer gardens, there is something for everyone in NYC. No matter what type of festival you’re looking for, be it food, arts and crafts, or music-related events – you won’t have any trouble finding one in the Big Apple. Here are some popular ones to get you started:

1) The Village Voice’s Best Of Music Festival at Randall’s Island Park

This three-day music fest is just the place to immerse yourself in great jazz, pop, rock, and world music. In addition to enjoying some excellent tunes, you will have a fantastic time when you visit this annual festival.

Most people go for day passes but trust us – if you don’t mind camping overnight, this event is worth every penny. Also, it gets pretty hot during the day, so you’ll be glad to find a place out of the sun for a while before heading back in and enjoying some more great music!

2) The Taste Of Riverdale Festival – August 3rd:

Riverdale is one of the most sought-after destinations by New York City residents because of its walkability and the great restaurants. By participating in this festival, you’ll have a chance to sample some delicious food at local restaurants while being entertained by popular bands, including The Kings Of Leon, The National, and more!

3) Brooklyn Wine Festival – September 5th:

This wine fest has been around for quite some time now and attracts a huge crowd, so get your tickets early. If you do decide to go on this lovely fall day, don’t forget to enjoy the NYC weather while sipping wine outside in Brooklyn!

4) The New York City Food Film Festival – September 17th:

This fest is a real treat because it will show you a collection of top-notch films that are all centered around food. You’ll be able to sample some great food from NYC restaurants while watching “Chasing Madoff”, “Brooklyn Beer,” and many more!

5) Shakespeare in the Park – Summer and Fall:

While we’re on the topic of movies, there are two types of Shakespeare-related events in NYC that we can’t help but mention. The first one is the Public Theater’s production of “Shakespeare In The Park,” which puts on a free performance each summer and fall season for audiences who want to enjoy a lovely evening out at Central Park.