NYC Ball Drop

Having originated over a century ago, the NYC Ball Drop remains one of the most notable NYE Events in America.

New York City is always abuzz for the holiday season.  Christmas decorations in the city are notorious and must be seen at least once in a lifetime.  However, the city is just as well known—if not perhaps more so—for its New Year’s celebrations.  The city offers many possible plans, of course, as New York is the city that never sleeps.  However, the infamous ball drop in Times Square is a classic that, once again, must be seen at least once in a lifetime.

According to an article recently completed by Time Out New York, the New York City ball drop is special for one very key reason—it was the very first city in the country to establish the tradition of dropping something just prior to midnight.  Many other city’s in the United States have since adopted this tradition, finding one way or another to make it their own.  However, only New York City can say that they were the first to create the tradition.  The ball drop originates over a century ago, with the first event being held in 1907.  In the last one hundred years, the event has grown to exceptional proportions.  Now, to participate, it is a must to arrive at the locale—the Broadway-Seventh Avenue bowtie, located in Broadway between 40th and 53rd Streets—by three o’clock in the afternoon; if the weather is anything other than miserable, it is advisable to arrive even earlier.  Once the individual has arrived and staked out their spot, they should prepare to not move; moving equate to vacating the spot—opening it up for someone else to take it instead.  In addition to this, there are no public bathrooms or food vendors provided, as every inch of space is dedicated to packing in as many people as is possible.  Therefore, there is nothing to really move to, even if one does have an opportunity to do so.

The endurance will pay off, though, according to the article.  Starting at six o’clock on New Year’s eve, performances will be held on two very large stages provided in the area.  In addition, every hour on the hour, Times Square erupts in a display of pyrotechnics, through until eleven o’clock.  Finally, at one minute to midnight, the infamous ball will begin its seventy feet descent, with a display of fireworks erupting as soon as it has finished its journey.