Whether you’re coming to the Big Apple or going to see Big Ben, traveling can be stressful, even for well-seasoned wanderlusts. Planning an entire trip takes a lot of work and it may involve extensive travel to get from place to place. But, thanks to technology like smartphones, traveling no longer needs to be stressful. You can completely prepare yourself for your trip and find lots of apps to help you out while traveling. Here’s a list of some of the top apps that you should definitely install onto your phone.

Duolingo just might be the best language learning app out there. Tens of millions of people have already downloaded it and the number is growing. It provides a particular user-friendly interface and motivates users to continue learning a language of their choice. It offers lots of different languages to choose from, at various levels, and uses fun games to aid in language learning. If you’re traveling somewhere that you aren’t fluent in the language, take time to learn the basics with Duolingo.

If you like having a travel itinerary, but feel like you don’t always have time to make one, Tripit is here for you. The app pulls your reservation confirmations from your email and then makes an itemized itinerary. If you’re concerned about it invading your privacy, don’t worry! Tripit doesn’t actually have access to your personal email account – you simply forward your confirmation emails to an account that Tripit has access to.

Guides by Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet is known for their fantastic travel guides that can easily be accessed. You just have to download one before traveling and you can look at it whenever you need to without worrying about data or having service. The guides are also free! Lonely Planet has loads of writers who do their guides and articles and who have traveled extensively themselves. Their guides usually include popular sites to see and also lesser known attractions.

This app lets users download guides for exploring various cities. These guides list what stores, bars, and restaurants are most recommended and provides a map to help users find their destination. Other popular areas will show up on the map, such as museums or parks, and you can click on the icon to see what other users have to say about those places.

Cafe WiFi
If you’re traveling abroad or in an unfamiliar city, you won’t know where you can find free WiFi. Using your data can get way too expensive, so your best bet is to hope the nearest cafe offers an internet connection. With the Cafe WiFi app, it’ll show you what nearby cafes and other areas offer free WiFi or hotspots. For now, it’s particularly helpful in larger cities, but more data is always being added.

Goby is perfect for when you’re in a new city and looking for something to do. While Goby features popular places in the area, much like Sidekix, it’s main feature is that it shows you any nearby events. You can find concerts, lectures, and many other events in the city you’re visiting that’ll give you something exciting to do.