Daniel Glattman, son of Avraham Glattman, is a senior at Hewlett High School and regularly hosts underground hockey games. These hockey games are not your typical matches however. There are no pads, no helmets and instead of skates, there are sneakers. The games are held on a tennis court in his backyard and have been a regular occurrence since Daniel’s sophomore year.

Daniel welcomes everyone that shows up and even hands out extra sticks for those who Daniel_avraham_glattmandid not bring their own or don’t have one at all. Hockey is one of Daniel’s favorite sports and wanted to play as much as possible. The trend began to catch on as a regular crew showed up at Daniels house week after week for some weekend hockey action. Much of the regulars to play were Daniel’s teammates and other varsity athletes on the soccer, baseball, and tennis teams.

The games are usually four on four or five on five depending on the turnout of players and have gained a lot of traction among athletes in Hewlett. Daniel hosts tournaments in which a lot of players arrive for a day of fun competition.

The success of Daniel’s backyard hockey league even spurred him to ask the high school for an inline skating hockey team. Unfortunately even with all the demand for the team the school lacked the resources need to help pay for the team.

Daniel and other athletes practice all the time regardless of the weather and they invite other players and newbies to join in the fun. If you’re interesting in playing hockey feel free to walk up to Daniel at school and ask about Hockey at Glatt’s.