There is never a shortage of things to do during the summer months. The Broadway Theatre is always full of events that cater to all genres and individual tastes. Musical enthusiasts of all ages look forward to the Broadway summer line-up. You are guaranteed to find a show for the entire family to enjoy. Many travel from all over the world to New York City for the magical experience. You will not be disappointed if you take time out of your summer to include at least one of these shows in your itinerary.


Upcoming Family Broadway Theatre Treats

  • Aladdin – The all-time favorite continues to bring its magic to life while building or reinforcing self-awareness and confidence.
  • Anastasia – A popular classic tale of a woman in search of love and family.
  • Frozen – This captivating musical was derived from the blockbuster 2013 Disney film similarly titled “Frozen”. The emphasis on the power of love between siblings will melt the coldest of hearts.
  • Lion King – An all-time family favorite Disney adaptation continues to bring its magic to Broadway.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – This paranormal Broadway phenomenon was depicted from the Harry Potter fictional book series. It attracts fans of all ages and has recruited several new ones as well.


Broadway Theatre for Drama Seekers

  • Come from Away – A very touching presentation of how a secluded community in Newfoundland hosted 38 planes from all over the world during the 2001 state of emergency on 9/11.
  • The Ferryman – This play originated in 2017. It was set during the time period of The Troubles (1968-1998). It takes place in 1981 and follows the farm life of ex-IRA protestor in Armagh, Northern Ireland.
  • Hamilton – A historical favorite that walks you through Alexander Hamilton’s true life story and his invaluable political contributions.
  • Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird – Based on the fictional novel that is an integral part of the high school literary curriculum within the United States. It exposes a Southern town’s racial prejudices and loss of innocence.


Hot New Broadway Hits

  • Choir Boy – This new Broadway play reflects the oppression students face in school. A talented student tries to climb to the lead of the Gospel choir as he is challenged by his peers at his preparatory school.
  • True West – A new drama that follows two brothers found in an uncanny situation where they are stuck spending time together at home. Through this misfortune they realize that they are two peas in a pod.