The five boroughs of New York City offer a variety of attractions to spark the interest of any traveler. Just like any big city, New York is a melting pot, welcoming the cultures and traditions of people from around the globe. As the unofficial capital of the world, New York’s five boroughs take these amenities to a much higher level by allowing tourists to visit them within a quick subway ride of one another. In examining some of the star attractions in each borough, visitors can better plan what they want to see on their New York adventure.



New York’s most famous borough also has some of its most well-known landmarks. Travelers wishing to see all the great sights can visit the Empire State Building and Central Park. Travelers looking for a more cultural experience can check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art or see a Broadway show. When nighttime falls, visitors to Manhattan have their pick of some of the greatest restaurants in the world.



In the past few years, Brooklyn has become one of New York’s trendiest spots. Home to a thriving art and music scene, Brooklyn is home to countless nightclubs and some of the hippest restaurants in the city. Tourists looking for fun in the sun can also visit Coney Island, one of the greatest beach communities in the world with a fantastic boardwalk.



Queens is universally known as a working-class neighborhood, but it is also home to some of New York’s lesser-known gems. Thanks to its ethnic diversity, Queens sports some of the finest Chinese and Indian restaurants in the city. Visitors looking for an educational experience can visit the Queens Museum of Science or learn about jazz at the Louis Armstrong House Museum.


Staten Island

While Staten Island is home to commuters traveling each day to work in Manhattan, the borough nevertheless offers some notable delights for tourists. Visitors traveling to Staten Island on the city’s free ferry service will get up close and personal with Lady Liberty herself, the Statue of Liberty. Tourists can also visit the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden for both a fun time outdoors and to check out some of the city’s most thrilling performance art.


The Bronx

Last but not least is the Bronx, a borough with some of New York’s most diverse attractions. Stepping foot in the Bronx, visitors can head to Yankees Stadium and see one of the finest teams in Major League Baseball. The Bronx is also home to the Bronx Zoo, one of the most famous zoos in the world and a place where visitors can see the Earth’s most beautiful animals in person.