pexels-photo-large (1)If this week’s weather is any indicator, summer is well on its way, and we in New York couldn’t be any happier. Soon, we’ll be shedding off layers, having family picnics and finding ways to navigate Times Square without stepping on one another. Another reason to be excited is a chance to relax on the beach. Yes, New York City, basically an archipelago or group of islands, sits on the Atlantic Ocean and has a number of beaches. Don’t get me wrong, NYC is not Hawaii, the experience, the weather, the atmosphere is much different, but for those interested in sunbathing or wasting a day swimming in the ocean, make a plan to visit these options below.


  1. Jacob Riis Park Beach
    Located along the Rockaway Peninsula in New York City’s largest borough, Queens, Jacob Riis Park beach is a former U.S. Naval air station turned public park, which is now referred to affectionately as “The People’s Beach.” In typical New York fashion, it draws a diverse crowd of people from all over the city, and has an old-school charm and a number of attractions that are both vibrant and relaxing, depending on your goals. There’s also golfing and a beautiful park nearby.
  2. South Beach
    South Beach, formerly known as Graham Beach, is one of the most popular attractions on Staten Island. With a picturesque view of the Verrazano Bridge and trees in the background, beachgoers can enjoy free concerts, fishing, kayaking, and tennis at this public paradise. Furthermore, there is a mobile charging station for those who need to rejuvenate their phones after taking dozens of pictures and sharing the beach’s popular fountain of dolphins on social media.
  3. Coney Island
    Probably one of the most renowned attractions in the city, this Brooklyn staple is unlike anything you can experience elsewhere. Filled with concessions, including the famous Nathan’s Hot Dogs,  and a variety of shops and shows, Coney Island is an experience, not just a beach. To boot, there is an amusement park on location, with a variety of rides, roller coasters, and a large ferris wheel, as well as a full list of rides for children. It may not necessarily be the place for sunbathing in peace, but you’ll have a good time.
  4. Long Beach
    This one is not in New York City, but it is neither is it far away. Just a few miles east, in Nassau County on Long Island, Long Beach is one of the more beautiful places in the metropolitan area, and certainly one of the more pristine beaches to which we have access. Come here for surfing, biking, or just to enjoy a respite from the everyday hustle of the city. Beware, those $13 and over do have to pay a fee to enter designated areas, but most spaces are open to the general public.