As the city begins to open back up, New York is offering a plethora of art experiences in 2021. Listed below are some of the most innovative and high-quality experiences coming to the city.

The Lot Radio

The Lot Radio will return to the city in May. The radio features a variety of DJs for every genre and taste in music. The DJs will be playing their music live from Duffy Square. This exhibit will last for the month, and music will begin playing at 10 in the morning. The whole broadcast will last about 12 hours. Locals, and tourists, can enjoy the jams as they stroll around Times Square.

Zaq Landsberg

Zaq Landsberg is a favorite of New York. He classifies himself as a sculpture artist and presented his piece “Reclining Liberty in Morningside Park, Harlem” before the covid outbreak. The piece reflects on Zaq’s interpretation of Buddhist imagery. It has a deeper meaning to him as an artist and the viewers of his art. The piece is currently on view to the public.

We Are More

We Are More was created to show the pride of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We Are More showcases lively and spirited paintings and designs that bring racism and xenophobia to the forefront of the exhibit. The whole exhibit houses 40 different works of art. All of the works of art are unique from each other. The art will be shown in different locations all across Times Square. These will be locations such as billboards and street displays throughout the Times Square area.

Born in Flames: Feminist Futures

Born in Flames: Feminist Futures is a piece that was collaborated on by 14 artists. The artwork is located inside of a space that features a large projection of the artists’ work. The artists have created their reflections and ideas on what “futurity” means to them. Every part of the show is a separate reflection on what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what may happen in the future. The work was made as a tool to analyze what the current challenges are for equity. The artists did this by creating art that looks at different tactics that can bring about justice and equality in the future.

Fridman Gallery

The Fridman Gallery will open its second location in May. This location will be in Beacon, NY. The exhibition is titled “Land Escape” and has brought in artists such as Athena LaTocha, Nanette Carter, and Wura-Natasha Ogunji. The artists each created their art on different types of paper. Different surfaces were built upon this paper. The surfaces were formed using different types of media.