Excellent Chinese food is no longer found just on the West Coast, where restaurants have been since 1850. Chinese cuisine has now become popular on the East Coast in New York City, particularly in Manhattan. Never before have the city’s offerings been so diverse. Not only are multiple regions represented, but price points range, too. There are fast-casual spots like Xi’an Famous Foods, and there is ambitious pan-regional fine dining like Atlas Kitchen. Also, whereas restaurateurs once needed to cater to Western tastes, many of today’s prospering New York Chinese restaurants are authentic.

With this revival of interest in Chinese food in New York, choosing a Chinese restaurant can become a challenge. Here are some of the options:

Chinese Tuxedo
An upscale restaurant in Chinatown located in a former two-story opera house that exudes style and elegance, Chinese Tuxedo has dishes appropriate to the atmosphere. Among the many delicious plates are crispy Sichuan eggplant and pork belly char siu.

Peking Duck House
Another Chinatown restaurant, prices are reasonable, and the delicious duck is a generous size. The duck soup is tasty, too.

Birds of a Feather
Located in Williamsburg, a borough of Brooklyn, this restaurant offers a variety of Chinese dishes with gratuities included in the prices. The dan dan noodles and wontons in chili sauce are well-liked, as are orders to share with others.

MáLà Project
Having locations in Midtown and East Village, this Chinese eatery, known for its dry pot, has over 50 ingredients from which customers can make selections.

Hao Noodle
One of the prettiest restaurants in New York, Hao Noodle, is part of a chain by restauranteur Zhu Rhong. With a tea house atmosphere, Shanghai cuisine is highlighted, along with delicate shish kebabs.

Mission Chinese Food
Located on the Lower East Side, this innovative restaurant offers unique variations of Sichuan fare, such as the kung pao pastrami.

Food-Dried Hot Pot
The recipient of high ratings, this restaurant lets its customers make individual meals by selecting from metal tubs of meats and vegetables that they want. An attendant places the chosen meats in an aluminum bowl, the vegetables in another. Then, an original meal is cooked for the patron.

Friendship Foods Barbeque
With locations in Chinatown and Flushing, this narrow restaurant decorated with vehicles and whimsical sculptures is a favorite for teens and young adults who are nearby. Kebabs in the Xinjiang style are the menu’s primary offering, but there are also fried rice and noodles, seafood and organ meats.