Ray Glattman Brooklyn Bridge Park NYCAs the summer winds down and temperatures slowly but surely cool, New Yorkers all over the city are steadily adjusting to the new season. Summer in the city is truly a treat and one of the greatest parts about calling this place home. However, it can be too easy for tourists and residents alike to be totally consumed by the urban jungle and lose track of the amazing green spaces that also exist to serve our communities. Here are just three of the parks that many citizens love most, which you should make time to enjoy before we find ourselves in the chilly grasp of yet another winter, resigned to several months staying warm and dry indoors.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Many urban designs draw direct inspiration from difference places. Central Park, for example, was specifically designed to replicate the natural aesthetic and rustic appeal of the woodlands. However, Brooklyn Bridge Park rejects all those expectations and accomplishes something completely different. The park has become immensely popular as a result. The waterfront property now espouses an 85-acre area of several sections which each house unique attractions The latest addition, Pier 2, is home to all sorts of wonderful features like a picnic area, roller skating options, and sporting leagues.

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

You may be surprised to learn that this is New York City’s second largest park! The iconic landmark which defines its appeal is the always-popular Unisphere. This enormous steel globe has been a landmark in the area since it was constructed for the 1964 World’s Fair. That’s more than 50 years old! Other major attractions include the New York Hall of Science, a boating lake, a zoo, a skate park, and a multi-million dollar aquatic and hockey complex. If none of that is catching your eyes, it is also simply one of the city’s finest places to just enjoy some open fields. Recently, the rolling green hills were augmented with wetland flora to better accommodate the park’s water runoff. As a result, the park is also popular for people passionate about sustainable design.

The High Line

You would be hard pressed to find too many outdoor recreational spaces that so immediately and exclusively call to mind New York City imagery. Constructed on top of an abandoned railway track high in the sky, this ingenious repurposing the NYC transit property has completely revitalized the city’s commitment to green design. The pathway winds throughout the city skyline, allowing visitors to enjoy the lush greenery while also remaining very definitively in the throes of urban life. It strikes a perfect balance of an escape and an embrace of the city aesthetic.