The city that never sleeps, that is full of dreamers is also full of hidden gems from restaurants, bars, clubs, and stores. NYC has many hidden great hot spots that many locals and tourists know about.


  1. The Tulip Garden

Located in Manhattan, the tulip garden is packed with beautiful and colorful flowers along the river. The garden not only provides a beautiful view of flowers but also a stunning view of the city. A wonderful spot to take in Spring.


  1. Le Boudoir

A true hidden gem, this speakeasy is in Brooklyn Heights. It is designed inspired by Marie Antoinette’s chambers. The walls, mirrors, and even the seating reflect the pure Versailles inspiration. The secret to finding Le Boudoir is spotting the neon light and a gate opening to stairs below the Chez Moi.


  1. Berlin Wall

A graffiti cover section of the Berlin Wall is located right in Midtown. After the war, the sections were sold off and spread across the world. The piece of history is located at 520 Madison Avenue.


  1. Aerial Tram

On the East River, there is Roosevelt Island that is mostly residential. Yet, there is an aerial tram that uses same MetroCard system as the subway. It offers a wonderful view of the Manhattan Skyline.


  1. Staten Island Boat Grave

Right on the edge of Staten Island is an ocean graveyard of hundreds of old, rusted boats. The official title of the location is the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard. Some these boats are dated back to World War I.


  1. The Lobby At 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

This is a wonderful location to sick and work. It has a modern feel with a simplistic, dull design packed with beautiful plant life. Space also has plenty of comfortable seating.


  1. Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

The hospital ruins are not just another cool abandoned building in NYC. This 19th-century hospital was a Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island and has a very secretive atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit if you plan on also doing the aerial tram.


3.The Rooftop Gardens at Rockefeller Center

Many are familiar with the iconic Rockefeller Center but the rooftop garden is not quite known. It is a stunning oasis with well-kept flowers. The garden also has a reflective pool and the space can be rented out for events.


2.Angel’s Share

Another incredible speakeasy of the East Village that gets put on the list for its secrecy and its odd drinks. It is a favorite of many locals and has a quite pleasurable atmosphere and cozy decor. To find this bar, climb the stairs to the Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho on Stuyvesant Street and enter through the wooden door.


1.The Bowling Alley Under the Henry C. Frick Collection Museum

This is an incredible secret aspect to the museum. It was once used to achieve work but has now been restored in full. It may be quite hard to access to. Those who have access are those who are members of the museum or have made a charitable donation to the facility.