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Exploring Nyc Parks This Summer

Exploring NYC Parks this Summer

When you live in New York City, you understand once springtime rolls around the hot summer heat is not far behind. New York City summers are always brutal because, in the concrete jungle, where the sun beats down, you’re surrounded by a million people walking right on top of one another in such close quarters. […]

What To Expect When Renting In New York City

What To Expect When Renting In New York City

New York City continues to attract thousands of tourists and new residents every year. With so many things to do, from visiting the Statue of Liberty to paying respects at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the big city offers countless attractions, events, and dining. With that in mind, it is important to understand how a […]

How Is The Real Estate Market In Long Island And New York City Going To Change With Amazon’s Hq2 Coming In

How Is The Real Estate Market In Long Island And New York City Going To Change With Amazon’s HQ2 Coming In?

As most Americans have heard by now, Amazon recently announced that they would be creating new headquarters in two cities, Crystal City, Virginia, and Long Island, New York. They will be building a 4 million-square-foot warehouse in Long Island and will be looking to fill approximately 50,000 jobs between the two locations. While this news […]

The Best Shows On Broadway For Families, Avraham Glattman

The Best Shows On Broadway For Families Right Now

Most Americans have heard of Broadway shows, and may even know what Broadway stands for. Known as one of the best activities in New York City, Broadway shows have seen millions of people throughout the years. One thing that attracts many visitors to Broadway each year is the wide variety of shows that are playing, […]

Weather New York Should Expect This Winter

Weather New York Should Expect this Winter

As New York City enjoys the fall weather, winter begins to loom in the air. The closer winter comes, the more accurate weather predictions become. Although some of the predictions may change in the coming season, the government’s meteorologists at the National Weather Service (NWS) has released the 2019 winter prediction for New York. Unlike […]


Obstructed Views Means NYC Is Growing

It is no secret the New York City is a hub for breathtaking architecture and giant skyscrapers. Yet, the locals and tourists are distracted by the sidewalk sheds, making it difficult to look up and enjoy the beauty of the city. These sidewalk sheds cover over 270 miles of sidewalks spanning five boroughs. This can […]


NYC Public Transportation: Say Goodbye to MetroCards

The Metrocard has become a staple for tourists and locals who use the subway system of NYC.  The gold card will soon be gone and replaced with modern technology that will allow for “paperless” rides. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s board took the first steps in doing away with the card and moving towards the “tap”, […]


10 Hidden Gems in NYC

The city that never sleeps, that is full of dreamers is also full of hidden gems from restaurants, bars, clubs, and stores. NYC has many hidden great hot spots that many locals and tourists know about.   The Tulip Garden Located in Manhattan, the tulip garden is packed with beautiful and colorful flowers along the […]

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NYC Tourist FAQ

Many outsiders to the Big Apple are curious about the city lifestyle. Whether it be about living there or how to navigate the streets, tourists ask many questions about NYC. Many are easy, simple answers but they tend to be asked frequently. Where is Brooklyn? How do I use the subway? Where do I eat? […]

Top 6 Things to Do in NY This Summer

SummerStage: This is one of the biggest perks of living in New York City, and well worth the impossibly long lines. SummerStage is a free performing arts festival that brings artists such as Chairlift, Yo La Tengo, and PJ Harvey to Central Park’s outdoor amphitheater, as well as a number of smaller parks around the […]

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